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Whitesands Quay - Row of cottages - chimney pots

Simon Cox

14 Jul 2014

Narrow Gauge Railways

Whitesands Quay - Row of cottages - chimney pots

Some finishing touches including new chimney pots

Replacing the chimney pots

Having built the row of cottages kit from Scalescenes i had added small pieces of styrene tube as chimney pots with the intention of painting them terra cotta. However I noticed that the chimney pots in the photos on the Scalescenes web site seem to be the white metal cast ones from Langley. I purchased a couple of packets at the Chatham model rail show, I was there operating Pagham Harbour (009) on one of its last ever outings, and I have now painted them and stuck them on the chimney stacks and weathered them in. While I was at it I added bird mess on the roofs as I will be perching some seagulls, Dart Castings and currently being painted, on the roof line - though I might wait till the cottages are mounted in the scenery to make sure nothing gets knocked off..

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