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End July image roll

A few photos I took over the past few days with my iPhone and Camera+.

Friday 29th July - image 1. You will recall that typical scene in the works lavatorial facilities where people bunk off and read the newspaper for a few minutes. Of course I work in a financial institution so it was no surprise when I discovered a Financial Times left in the lavatory rather than a red top. We do have standards to keep up you know.

Saturday 30th July - image 2.  My only day off this week and it was a cracking day to relax - watched a brilliant days cricket, which England won yesterday, and I had a pint of Pimms in my England Rugby glass. (Is it consider bad form to drink Pimms by the pint?) Also watched the qualifying for the F1 amid the terrible news that the BBC have decided to halve their coverage of races from next year and have gone into a partnership deal with Sky two years before their licence was up. Not happy. I will not be buying Sky to watch Grand prix as some of that fee would go to the Murdock empire.

Sunday 31st July - image 3. At work all day and currently London Bridge is going through some radical changes with the construction of the Shard overhead. The old gate line was three short spans of gates in-between some retail units and was always a crush when the train arrived or announced (usually late). They stripped down the retail outlets a few weeks ago and on Sunday they removed the boarding revealing a great big long line of gates stretching across the whole hall. I was hoping they would do this as it will make passenger flow so much better, and of course safer. Also they have built a new glass roof over the top of the old one and each weekend strip back more of the old roof to let the light in. When its finished it promises to be spectacular (for a British railway station).

Tuesday 2nd August - image 4. And on the subject of train and commuting I took this image this morning. There has been a water main burst on Park Hill park, Croydon’s best park (and best kept secret), and it caused a landslide depositing huge amounts of mud over 3 of the 5 railway lines passing between South and East Croydon causing massive disruption for this main hub south out of London. The situation affected me last night getting home and means I am having to Work From Home today. Sorry about the quality of this image - did it on zoom and its not come out well but as its raining I’m not going back to do it again - could be more mudslides!

What an exciting few days!

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