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We love gardens! I have always considered them as extra rooms in your house and as a kid wanted to set up lights in our garden and look, garden lighting is now very commonplace. Our garden in Croydon was a 50ft square overgrown mess when we moved in and we turned it into a quiet suburban oasis with a Japanese theme. Our garden in Lingfield is much bigger with several large trees. Again this was very overgrown when we moved in. The articles here document our attempts at gardening.

Plots and scheming

Plots and scheming

We have always wanted to grow our own vegetables - not to a 'good life' extent but we both grew up in families that were in 'make do and mend' post war mode. Everyone grew a bit of food. Our previous home didn't really have the space in the Japanese style garden for any veg though we managed to squeeze in a couple of tomato plants. Read more about Plots and scheming