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Loxley Barton Falls was my entry to the Cubic Challenge at the 2005 Expo Narrow Gauge (ExpoNG) exhibition where you had to conceive, design, build and operate a narrow gauge layout that the dimensions of were no larger than a 500mm cube. I chose to build Pittock and Sons warehouse at Loxley Barton Falls complete with tidal lock and sailing barge delivering goods. The layout is a simple 1 point with two sidings and a loop that goes off the scene out the back, allowing me to change rolling stock during operations. The layout won the competition and plunged me into Narrow Gauge modelling!

Loxley Barton Falls - part 1 - inspiration

Loxley Barton Falls - part 1 - inspiration

In 2004 I went to the Expo Narrow Gauge (ExpoNG) model railway exhibition for the first time and that single visit inspired me to pick up an old hobby that I thought I would never go back to. Read more about Loxley Barton Falls - part 1 - inspiration