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Pludgebanging words into Google

by Simon Cox
Simon Cox, Author


Pludgebanging in Google
I was testing out different made up words to see what Google returned.

SEO experiments that no-one really cares about but they do increase the probability of other tests being useful.

Pludge­banger. Every now and again I search for a word on Google that does not exist. Some peo­ple cre­ate words for their SEO test­ing and these are nor­mal­ly words that are high­ly unlike­ly to be an actu­al word, such as ​“ipbepikebf[ojdfv[joa”, else that will spoil the test if it exist­ed elsewhere.

So after get­ting to know a cheeky Chotes Du Rhone over din­ner a word popped into my head — can’t remem­ber what trig­gered it but these things do hap­pen to me quite a lot — don’t they you? That word was Pludge­banger. I tapped it into Google and inevitably got the screen of despair. No one has any­thing on the web (worth index­ing) with word Pludge­banger in it.

Pludgebanging in Google
Pludgebanging in Google

I tried a few oth­er made-up words that sound­ed as if they could be words, as opposed to non­sense strings of letters:

No — I had made-up words with ele­ments of oth­er words in them — Google was try­ing to guess what I meant and doing a pret­ty good job of it.

crandgneck search
Search for crandgneck
krunshplek search
Search for krunshplek

With­out con­text, any algo­rithm will strug­gle to pro­vide a use­ful answer. If I put these words into a con­text it will try and make sense of what I am ask­ing (I say try — to me it’s try­ing but to Google it makes no dif­fer­ence).

So I tried ​‘pludge­bangers of the old west’ — and got some results! Of course, Google had focused in on The Old West as a top­ic and threw me some results in an attempt to pla­cate me.

pludgebangers of the old west search
Search for pludge­bangers of the old west

Next I tried adding ​‘free’ at the start to give a dif­fer­ent con­text — but no it had noth­ing on that of course.

free pludgebangers
search for free pludge­bangers

So I tried adding con­text on the end, ​‘free pludge­banger tools’, and got some more results, none are of any use but it had a go.

free pludgebangers tools search
search for free pludge­bangers tools

Then I tried some num­bers:
This brought back some inter­est­ing results but not unexpected.

So I dou­bled up:
Dif­fer­ent results and all the titles had the num­bers in

Dou­bled up again :
(Not putting the num­bers now as they break the lay­out)
There were lots of maths-relat­ed answers — how to show large num­bers etc.

I dou­bled up again: this time start­ed to get a lot of Russ­ian and Chi­nese websites

I kept dou­bling up and found that 128 char­ac­ters are all Google that will allow in search. That fact is more like­ly to affect the Ger­man lan­guage before Eng­lish. Ger­man is pre­cise and stitch­es words togeth­er to pro­vide a ful­ly doc­u­ment­ed mean­ing, like a blockchain. Eng­lish is lazy and will revert to what­ev­er is eas­i­est. I don’t speak Ger­man so I stopped exper­i­ment­ing there.

Obvi­ous­ly, I am pro­cras­ti­nat­ing and have work I should be get­ting on with, as prob­a­bly have you…