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White Sands Quay progress

by Simon Cox
Simon Cox, Author

Model Railways

Steam engine at Kemsley Down
Ongoing development of my third layout.

The baseboard structure is now mainly complete

I took a few days off to con­cen­trate on mov­ing the White Sands Quay project for­ward. This is a 4mm scale 9mm gauge rail­way based in Corn­wall and orig­i­nal­ly from a plan by the late Rainier Hendrickson.

White Sans Quay track planning on pink foam

I want­ed to build a self-con­tained but light exhi­bi­tion dis­play for White Sands Quay as I very much enjoy the speed with which both Lox­ley Bar­ton Falls and With­y­win­dle Mill can be set up and tak­en down. At the end of a long exhi­bi­tion, the last thing you want is an hour or two of breakdown.

I have built a light wood­en frame with 3mm MDF car­cass in a square S shape with the small­er return being the hid­den fid­dle yard and stock shelves. A light­box con­tain­ing the all-impor­tant light­ing rig (vital for good pre­sen­ta­tion at an exhi­bi­tion) will be added to the top giv­ing more strength.

Whilst this con­struc­tion method will not take much abuse I am not expect­ing to be in any sit­u­a­tions where it needs to! ​“Fight breaks out at Nar­row Gauge Exhi­bi­tion — lay­out destroyed” are not like­ly head­lines. (Famous last words…) the base of the scenic is pink insu­la­tion foam and one this is fixed in place will also add to the strength and light­ness of the carcass.

White Sands Quay baseboard consrtuction

In the past, oth­er lay­out builders have used rod­ding cut into the sur­face of the foam, which makes repairs dif­fi­cult, but I have sunk a 3mm MDF track bed into the top of the foam and will exca­vate holes under­neath so that I can attach point motors and wiring allow­ing plen­ty of access.