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Whitesands Quay first outing

by Simon Cox
Simon Cox, Author

Model Railways

White­sands Quay at Chai­ley 2014
Whitesands Quay first outing gets it out of the house and sets some deadlines for me to work to.

Work in progress gets out the house

Recent­ly I realised that it was five years ago that I had built the base­board frame­work after Richard Glover gave me the plans for White­sands Quay. Yes, I have moved house since and yes I have a lot more room in which to mod­el but blah blah blah excuse excuse etc. So in an effort of might­ly fin­ger pulling out I asked if I might take White­sands Quay to an annu­al pri­vate show at Chai­ley and was giv­en the nod.

This gave me a tar­get to get some things done on the lay­out and I did the track rebuild, the cot­tage enhance­ments and fin­ished the build stage of the La Meuse — so that is a pret­ty effec­tive moti­va­tion tech­nique! As it was I rushed a few things the night before includ­ing the cut­ting out of the holes to the fid­dle yard — mea­sured with per­fec­tion except that I for­got to add the height of the track and 3mm MDF it sits on so only my diminu­tive A class Japan­ese diesel would go through.

The day was most­ly about chat any­way so there wasn’t much run­ning on the lay­out but hav­ing the dead­line has helped progress.

In the image below I had pinched one of Chris O’Donoghues boats from his in-progress Com­pass point — which was look­ing fan­tas­tic — and that has giv­en me a few detail­ing ideas for later.

White­sands Quay Chai­ley 2014
White­sands Quay Chai­ley 2014