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Hi - this is my personal website. I bring you a smattering of articles to read and comment on when you have time, images to soak in while you wander about the web and thoughts to ponder on while you drink your tea. I also tend to use this as a bit of a testing ground for new web development and content management ideas so occasionally the site will be in a bit of a flux..

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Plots and scheming

Plots and scheming, A new small raised bed in the garden to provide fresh produce.

We have always wanted to grow our own vegetables - not to a 'good life' extent but we both grew up in families that were in 'make do and mend' post war mode. Everyone grew a bit of food. Our previous home didn't really have the space in the Japanese style garden for any veg though we managed to squeeze in a couple of tomato plants. 

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by Simon Cox | 14 Nov 2013

EU cookie consent law largely ignored

EU cookie consent law largely ignored, Most UK organisations have ignored the EU directive on cookies

The EU has give the UK until May 28th 2012 to comply with the cookie consent law - how many of the organisations pinpointed by the ICO have met the deadline?

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by Simon Cox | 28 May 2012

Swanage Belle

Swanage Belle, A trip on a steam pulled train from London to the coast.

I recently booked a trip on the Swanage Belle, a steam hauled special from London down to Swanage on the Dorset Coast. 

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by Simon Cox | 16 Oct 2011


Caulking a website article

03 Jan 2014

I wrote a little something for 12 devs -day 7

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Thoughts on IE browser upgrades

11 Nov 2013

Quick post about IE browser upgrades.

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Password security

10 Nov 2013

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England Argentina

10 Nov 2013

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Uploading images outside of Perch CMS default resource directory

11 May 2012

Moving images outside of Perch default folder - how I did it...

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Responsive Web Design break points

16 Jan 2012

RWD Breakpoints are the topic of discussion at the moment - my thoughts.

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