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White Sands Quay progress

Simon Cox

09 Dec 2009

Narrow Gauge Railways

White Sands Quay progress

Ongoing development of my third layout.

The basboard structure is now mainly complete

I took a few days off to concentrate on moving the White Sands Quay project forward. This is a 4mm scale 9mm gauge railway based in Cornwall and originally from a plan by the late Rainier Hendrickson.

Plan of White Sands QuayI wanted to build a self contained but light exhibition display for White Sands Quay as I very much enjoy the speed with which both Loxley Barton Falls and Withywindle Mill can be set up and taken down. At the end of a long exhibition the last thing you want is an hour or two of breakdown.

I have built a light wooden frame with 3mm MDF carcass in a square S shape with the smaller return being the hidden fiddle yard and stock shelves. A light box containing the all important lighting rig (vital for good presentation at exhibition) will be added to the top giving more strength.

Whilst this construction method will not take much abuse I am not expecting to be in any situations where it needs to! “Fight breaks out at Narrow Gauge Exhibition - layout destroyed” are not likely headlines. (Famous last words…) the base of the scenic is pink insulation foam and one this is fixed in place will also add to the strength and lightness of the carcass.

White Sands Quay foam and frameIn the past other layout builders have used roding cut into the surface of the foam, which make s repairs difficult, but I have sunk a 3mm MDF track bed into the top of the foam and will excavate holes underneath so that I can attach point motors and wiring allowing plenty of access.

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