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Whitesands Quay first outing

Simon Cox

14 Sep 2014

Narrow Gauge Railways

Whitesands Quay first outing

Whitesands Quay first outing gets it out of the house and sets some deadlines for me to work to.

Work in progress gets out the house

Recently I realised that it was five years ago that I had built the baseboard framework after Richard Glover gave me the plans for Whitesands Quay. Yes I have moved house since and yes I have a lot more room in which to model but bla bla bla excuse excuse etc. So in an effort of mightly finger pulling out I asked if I might take Whitesands Quay to an annual private show at Chailey and was given the nod. This gave me a target to get some things done on the layout and I did the track rebuild, the cottage enhancements and finished the build stage of the La Meuse - so that is a pretty effective motivation technique! As it was I rushed a few things the night before including the cutting out of the holes to the fiddle yard - measured with perfection except that I forgot to add the height of the track and 3mm mdf it sits on so only my diminutive A class Japanese diesel would go through. The day was mostly about chat anyway so there wasn't much running on the layout but having the deadline has helped progress.

In the image below I had pinched one of Chris O'Donoghues boats from his in progress Compass point - which was looking fantastic - and that has given me a few detailing ideas for later.

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